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The Many Facets Of Special Event Security

The amount of security planning for special events can boggle the mind.

For instance, what type of planning must you make for a visiting dignitary or president? How do co-ordinate visual security? Communications? How do you pull together different organizations for seamless security and protection? Hey, throw an emergency into the mix and see what comes out.

The following story by Alan Joch gives you an idea what you can expect.

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Criminals Rob Construction Site and Bank

In another story, criminals heisted a skip loader from a Florida construction site, drove the machine to a bank, and stole an ATM. In addition to destruction caused by the skip loader, an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen.

Unfortunately, bank surveillance video wasn’t working and there was no video surveillance at the construction site.

This story illustrates how vulnerable construction sites are to theft. Here are tips on how to prevent construction site theft.

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Police Dept. Posts Surveillance Videos On Website

As reported by the Tri-Valley Herald, the Manteca, California police department has started posting surveillance videos of suspected criminals in action.

One surveillance camera series shows a van cruising through a new home development on four occasions. The same van parks behind a Bro-Hahn Construction home. The surveillance cameras show suspects entering the home. Later, the company found that cabinetry had been stripped from the home.

Police have said that placing surveillance videos on the internet enables multiple public viewings of criminal suspects in action. Also, using the internet helps police spread the images beyond their immediate area.

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Video Surveillance Cameras Help Catch Serial Killer

On a typical spring morning, Philadelphia police arrived to find the body of a middle aged, female X-ray technician. The woman had been shot in the head. Police had no witnesses; or did they.

Looking up, one officer noticed surveillance cameras. The hunt was on.

After viewing surveillance video, investigators were able to determine the murderer’s flight path. A path which placed him in front of more surveillance cameras. After looking at over 50 cameras, the police identified 12 cameras which captured the murderer’s image. Image quality varied from camera to camera and, eventually, the assailant vanished. None of the images gave a clear image of the murderer’s face.

Police released the images on local news. Hundreds of tips filtered in and, one in particular, from a bus driver helped to identify the murderer, a man who worked at the same hospital.

Once confronted, the murderer confessed. Not to only one murder, but multiple homicides. The cameras helped take a serial killer off the streets. Read the complete story here.

The story clearly illustrates the value of quality surveillance cameras in solving and capturing crimes. Gone are the days of bad image video; replaced with high clarity digital images. What kind of surveillance security do you own?

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Rural Areas Hard Hit By Weather and Theft

A recent major snowstorm has left many Plains states residents without power.

Rural residents have been particularly hard hit with rooftop high snowdrifts. National Guard helicopters have airlifted in hay for stranded and starving cattle herds.
If weather challenges weren’t enough, farmers, due to isolation, often deal with more security problems than city bound brethern.
Ranchers and farmers face rising thefts of equipment, livestock, fuel, produce, and anhydrous ammonia.

Farmers, armed with government grants, are turning to video surveillance to secure their farms and deter rampant thievery. Here are more tips on securing your farm.

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Gasoline Pipeline Explodes; Kills 260

Poverty and greed often lead to disaster.

Recently, in Nigeria, a gasoline pipeline explosion killed 260 people and injured 60. Thieves broke into a refined gasoline pipeline. Afterwards, hundreds of people gathered to collect fuel from the leaking pipeline. Authorities aren’t certain what caused the explosion, but numerous charred bodies remain as a reminder of fuel’s volatility.

Kind of makes you wonder what would happen in the U.S. during a prolonged shortage or high prices, doesn’t it?

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Power Disruptions Plague The U.S.

More than 170,000 people are still without power in the Seattle area. Deaths are being reported due to carbon monoxide poisoning as people try to keep warm.

Long term blackouts have become a way of life. Who can forget this past summer’s blackouts in St. Louis and Queens?

Once again, this highlights the fragility of our country’s infrastructure.

If you’re a business, here’s how to plan for utility disruptions.

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The Billion Dollar Construction Problem

Construction site theft continues to be a pain in the wallet.

According to a Fresno Bee article appearing on Housing Zone, over 1,000 pieces of heavy equipment were stolen from construction site in California. With an average value of 65K per piece, losses mount quickly.
One thing the article mentions: how many thefts go unreported. Often, contractors fear losing liability insurance coverage and don’t report thefts. Actual losses could be twice the reported numbers. Also, California has an aggressive construction crime prevention program, but only 41% of reported equipment thefts are recovered.

Of course, heavy equipment theft is not the only major problem. Ask any home builder who has had a home stripped clean prior to closing. Or during construction.

The biggest theft culprits seem to be subcontractors. Often, while working in the same subdivision as the victim, subcontractors who need supplies help themselves.

Police patrols, marking tools, and aggressive site management help curb theft, but leave gaps. Numerous builders have found high tech video surveillance, both permanent and mobile, a major deterrent. When subs know they’re being watched, theft drops.

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How Disaster Prepared Are You?

According to USA Today, most people aren’t ready for a disaster, terrorist attack, or other emergency.

How ready are you? Take the readiness quotient test to find out. How did you score?

Here’s how to prepare your emergency kit.

What about your business? Do you have an emergency management guide? If you answered no, you can download a thorough guide here. How will your company deal with a flu pandemic? How would you maintain business continuity? Here’s a plan from the Department of Homeland Defense.

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Terrorists Train To Sabotage Oil Installations

As the world plunges deeper into the terrorist web, nations are finding their critical infrastructure at risk.

Here in America, disruption of an oil pipeline or refinery can send substantial economic shock through our economy.

In India, Home Minister Shivraj Patil has stated that terrorist groups are actively training their minions “specifically” for sabotage of oil installations. A discomforting thought, yes?

Here in America, protecting pipelines and oil installations has never been more important. Many sites have established video security, but how do maintain a security continuity when there’s a power failure?

Factor in a major power loss, like the recent one in Europe, and suddenly, you have a recipe for a major disaster. Many infrastructure related businesses rely on electricity for security cameras. The establishment of a visual perimeter during a power outage is possible with self contained mobile surveillance units.

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