Portable and scalable wireless video surveillance platform.


Customizable to Suit Your Needs


A Breakthrough in Intelligence Collection.

Portable Intelligence Collection Systems are Wireless Internet-connected Mobile Mast Video Sureveillance sytems.  From any computer connected to a broadband internet connection, just type in your password and you can see, control & record what the mobile, tower mounted camera sees. 

Imagine being able to view your assets, remote locations & critical sites from your office, your customers office, security office or your home. 

Total Control of Your Asset Security

Protect your critical infrastructure, large public gatherings, important property & remote locations.

You can instruct the P.I.C.S. unit to watch for "events" such as people or movement and have the unit turn on lights, call a phone number or page you. 

P.I.C.S. addresses your need for remote security surveillance, intelligent traffic systems, special event security, homeland security & emergency response. 


Flexible Solutions to meet all your needs.






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