Custom Packages are Available to Meet Your Needs.

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         We build the package you need!  Want video surveillance and traffic radar?  No problem.  Need digital signage, traffic radar and video.  Can Do.  How about trunked mobile repeaters, HF and VOIP?  We can deliver. 

P.I.C.S. was designed and is continually updated to enable configuration for multiple roles.  We can provide a video platform, a radio or cellular repeater platform, an intelligent traffic system platform.  Or, we can combine the features from any of the above into one unit or you can work with us to design the exact platform you need.

     Have you already settled on a particular brand of cameras or encoders, radios, etc...  We will work with you to provide the same equipment or provide units that are wired and ready for you to hook up your particular brand of equipment/electronics.

Ask us about Custom Packages:  We can provide a package/combination of trailer mounted, skid mounted, hand carried, roof mounted & vehicle mounted equipment platforms to best suit your needs and budget. 

Make sure you ask about our temporary, portable, remote controlled traffic signal.  Control traffic when and where you need to.  Remote activation, processor controlled, safe, visible.  Direct the flow of traffic around the accident or disabled traffic lights, or construction without risking personnel. 




Contact Us with Questions about a P.I.C.S. System that is right for your organization.

You can call us at 1-800-398-9087 or you can email us at


Feel free to contact us at any time of the day!


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